Dragons of Tarkir Prediction

Its been a busy few weeks, but I wanted to take a moment to outline my predictions about Dragons of Tarkir.

I think that the set will be a two color set that strongly favors allied colors.  I am basing this on two aspects of Fate Reforged.  The first is the colors of the clan mechanics in Fate Reforged.  Both the dash and bolster mechanics will appear again in Dragons, but dash only appears in red and black and bolster only appears in white and green.  I think it is unlikely that these mechanics will appear in the other colors of their clan – black for Abzan and white for Mardu.

I don’t want to make to many flavor predictions, but the fact that the dragons in Fate Reforged are ally colors makes me think that the clans might be led by dragons in Dragons of Tarkir just like the clans were led by khans in Khans of Tarkir.  This disappoints me on a personal level as I have really enjoyed the design of the ten khans in the last two sets, but maybe there will be some exciting dragons around the corner.  I hope that if there are dragon khan leaders that they will make interesting commanders, but I think that it might be too much to expect that these will be three color legendary creatures, unless they are updated version of the wedge dragons from Planar Chaos.

Finally, I don’t see a significant number of high cost mono color cards since Dragons of Tarkir will be in standard at the same time of Theros Block.  I think that Wizards will be careful not to reproduce the standard environment that was dominated by Mono Blue and Mono Black.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these predictions.  Please comment below.


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